RADON imports parts and accessories directly from the international manufacturers and distributors. The origin of the products and the partnerships held by RADON always promote the best deal:

Guarantee of acquisition of new and original parts;
Quality and security in the installation services, counting on total     support and technical assistance;
Agility in the delivery, emphasizing the RADON focus on optimizing
    time the equipment operation time.

Products and Accessories

Always focused on the best service and the total supply of needs associated with radiotherapy, it also resells products with origin guarantee and the best deal. Check out some products that RADON provides to its clients.

Radon signs partnership with A2J and becomes
the representative of parts in Brazil.

A2J Laser Technology offers a wide range of laser systems, whose configuration meets the limitations of sites and the use to which they are intended.
A2J was created in 1983. The technology of the company is specialized in high-precision laser, which is developed through the experience of high level engineering in line with requirements of the sectors of medicine, as the range of accessories that are specific to radiotherapy.
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